" AsomeIT "
offers an awesome hands-on training service that
teaches you to think outside of the box.

About AsomeIT

This is a brief overview of AsomeIT’s Training.

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    Coding should be fun!

    If learning is difficult and repetitive from the start, you can lose all your motivation. By giving you control over a real-life toy, AsomeIT makes coding fun and immersive!


    AsomeIT coding teaching aids are fun.

    • Students get an opportunity to assemble and code robots, cars, drones and various IoT devices necessary in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
    • By learning about the roles and the functioning of the sensors embedded in diverse devices, as well as practicing to control things through code, students develop the creativity and skills that will be highly valuable during the 4th Industrial Revolution.
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    Learning and teaching should be easy!

    AsomeIT’s training is based on AsomeCode, its proprietary coding platform that combines teaching materials with video lectures and coding practice, designed to make it easy for anyone to understand, execute, learn and teach.


    Learning and practice made easy with Asome Code

    • We’ve lowered the software entry barrier by providing block-coding practice that facilitates the structural understanding of coding and cultivates logical thinking.
    • The Click to Play function lets you easily check your result avoiding the typing and syntax issues.
    • Build and program IoT devices using your smartphone and Internet connection for control.
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    Let your ideas and
    creativity grow!

    Why should you learn to code if you’re not even planning to become a programmer? Well, in the near future, as the 4th Industrial Revolution unfolds, the importance of creativity and logical thinking will only increase. And programming is the best way to cultivate both!


    AsomeIT’s coding teaching aids are fun

    • AsomeIT is offering a SW training program focused on engagement and development of logical and creative thinking that has been successfully tested on more than 4000 students.
  • Learning scientific

  • Learning to code

  • Cultivating logical

  • Generating ideas

  • Increasing creativity

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  • about_cont03_main_img04Actul evaluation research result
    by the National IT Industry Promotion
    Agency school visiting education
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    You should be able to build what you want!

    Learning code by assembling blocks is easy. But if you want to create something more innovative and practical, it’s not enough. With AsomeIT, you can make your way from block coding all the way to Python, the most widely used programming language today.


    Is Python difficult?

    • Grasp the logic through block coding, then use Click to Play to understand the basic syntax and naturally master Python.
    • Moreover, the package includes a full-fledged editor which allows you to make small modifications or develop new programs from scratch.
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    programming languages
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