" AsomeThing "
is a toy for intuitive, creative learning. You have to use your hand to build it, your head to understand it and your eyes to evaluate it.
We believe that the tactile stimuli during assembly provide inspiration

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AsomeBot Activity - Playing Darts


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1. Game Rules

① Build a team with friends,

② Do rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first,

③ Make AsomeBot walk to the center using coding progam.

④ After end of the earlier AsomeBot movements, make other teams' AsomeBot walk.

⑤ The team with more points wins.


2. Algorithm

① There are two main points in palying darts. The first point is setting your AsomeBot at the better position, after considering the score boards for darts. The second point is blocking the way of other teams' AsomeBots toward good position. 

② If other teams' Asomebots are in better position or come to your Asomebot, you can push or block them with your AsomeBot to win.



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