" AsomeThing "
is a toy for intuitive, creative learning. You have to use your hand to build it, your head to understand it and your eyes to evaluate it.
We believe that the tactile stimuli during assembly provide inspiration

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AsomeBot Activity - Running an errand


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1. Game Rules

① Set the point where AsomeBot will start.

② Decide which buildings AsomeBot should visit and place on eitem for each building to fall.

③ AsomeBots have to fall the items to get recognisiton that they visited the building.

④ The person who visits all the selected debuildings in the least time wins.

⑤ Keep walking on the street.


2. Algorithm

① Decide the way AsomeBots will go.

② Measure the distance on the street and see how many steps you can take to visit the builing.

③ Set the progam considering the distance and direction to walk. 



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