“ Here at AsomeIT "
we believe that learning to code is fun,
and a great opportunity to make good memories for teachers and children as well as
acquire important knowledge. And this knowledge is the future of us and our children.


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Notice[Notice] AsomeCode Study Guide is updated 관리자 2021-02-04 293
Notice[Notice] How to download AsomeCode 관리자 2021-01-28 304
Notice[Notice] Certified Software - Blue communication (10.12.2020) 관리자 2021-01-28 310
11[Education Event] [Education Event] Shimcheon Coding Camp (Coding! Robot!) 관리자 2021-01-28 259
10[Education Event] [Education Event] DSM Oulim Camp (Daedeok Software Meister High School) 관리자 2021-01-28 339
9[Education Event] [Education Event] SW Creation Competition 관리자 2021-01-28 268
8[Newsroom] [Exposition] The 17th World Korean Business Convention 관리자 2021-01-28 263
7[Newsroom] KCON 2018 LA 관리자 2021-01-28 250
6[Education Event] AsomeCAMP 관리자 2021-01-28 248
5[Education Event] [Education Event] 2017 SW experience family camp 관리자 2021-01-28 252
4[Education Event] [Education Event] 2017 Youth Biz cool Market 관리자 2021-01-28 247
3[Education Event] [Education Event] 2017 IoT visiting experience class 관리자 2021-01-28 265
2[Education Event] [Education Event] IoT Korea Exhibition 2017 'IoT Experience Class' 관리자 2021-01-28 251
1[Education Event] [Education Event] SW Coding Camp with papa 관리자 2021-01-28 257


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