Classroom-Proven Educational Robot for Students, Teachers, and Parents to learn coding!


An Educational Robot to Enhance Creativity through Coding

AsomeBot is an interactive & educational robot that can be programmed to perform various movements, dances, and functions. AsomeBot comes equipped with programmable LEDs, ultrasonic sensors, servomotors, and more!

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    • FamilyBiped robot
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    • FunctionTeaching aid for learning coding (requires students to learn code to control it)
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    • Special FeaturesDancing, running, avoiding obstacles, robot wrestling
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    • EquipmentBuilt-in ultrasonic sensor, servo motor, WiFi
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    • Power Source4 AA batteries
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    • MiscellaneousCan be controlled wirelessly using a standalone app on the smartphone, Wi-fi 2.4Hz /n, 3.3v
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    • GreetingI am a real dancing machine! Moonwalk is a piece of cake!

Product Features

  • pro_top_icon05Sends and receives
    signals via WiFi.
  • pro_top_icon06Measure distance to
    avoid obstacles.
  • pro_top_icon07Smart OS that allows the
    creation of various movements.
  • pro_top_icon08Able to walk, run and
    dance on two legs.


  • product_cont_img01Complete Product

    A complete robot.
    Connect it to your PC or smartphone and enjoy.
    Perfect if you can’t wait to start.

  • product_cont_img02Makers Kit

    Comes as a set of parts.
    Assemble a complete AsomBot and tinker
    with it to your heart’s content!


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  • AsomeBot is an educational robot, a SW teaching aid based on physical computing. By assembling and controlling it, students learn to code. AsomeBot can walk on two legs and avoid obstacles using its sensors. Learners can use WiFi to control the robot and program its movements wirelessly. One can even program the robot to dance to the music. AsomeIT also provides a dedicated learning platform, AsomeCode, which allows even inexperienced computer users to learn coding by clicking.

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