is a toy for intuitive, creative learning.
You have to use your hand to build it, your head to understand it and your eyes to evaluate it.
We believe that the tactile stimuli during assembly provide inspiration.

Asome Kit

Coding kit for enhanced your creativity

From notification devices for your life to various game, almighty talented Asome kit!
You can code new IoT function through putting huge imagination into this small kit.
Connect various sensors and devices to the Internet, then make anything you imagine.

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    • 01
    • FamilyIoT transformation Kit
    • 02
    • FunctionSoftware Coding teaching aid
      (Learn to code and operate the product at the same time)
    • 03
    • Special FeaturesTransform into a variety of notification devices
      and gameconsole
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    • EquipmentLED, Button, Buzzer, Temperature and Humidity Sensor,
      Water Sensor, Soil Moister Sensor, Rotary Encoder
    • 05
    • Power SourceBattery of other species
    • 06
    • MiscellaneousYou can make anything you imagine and want!
    • 07
    • GreetingA hundred of transformation is a piece of cake to me!

Product Features

  • pro_top_icon11You can make various devices
    by using LED, speaker, button.
  • pro_top_icon05Make a IoT device through wifi.
  • pro_top_icon12It can determine distance,
    temperature humidity and sound
    through various sensors.
  • pro_top_icon13You can display various
    information on the screen and
    make a game console.


  • product_cont_img01Complete

    Assembled Kit.
    Perfect if you are impatient to start.
    Just connect it to your PC or smartphone and enjoy!

  • product_cont_img02Makers Kit

    Comes as a set of parts for the AsomeKit.
    For those who enjoy assembling and tweaking
    things by their own hands.


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  • AsomeKit is an SW-coding teaching tool and IoT Kit performed by physical computing. You can learn various basic knowledge related to science, such as semiconductors, frequencies, conductors, and currents, and teach application capabilities through simulation using LEDs, buzzers, and various sensors. Once you've learned the function of one sensor, you can further develop a variety of uses, and can use multiple sensors to implement your ideas, such as game consoles and anti-theft devices. AsomeIT provides an exclusive training program (AsomeCode) for people who are not familiar with computers to learn coding with the click of a button, making it easy for beginners to learn coding.

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