" AsomeIT "
offers an awesome hands-on training service that
teaches you to think outside of the box.

About AsomeCode

All-in-one SW coding integration platform AsomeCode!
SW coding learning of AsomeIT is performed through AsomeCode.
Play with Asome Friends and have fun and learn coding!

Easy to
teach coding
Fun learning
Coding to create
what you want

In addition to AsomeCode, we offer a variety of learning materials for easier training.

  • · Provides separate teacher manual /Study plan (free) and student workbook (paid)
  • · Provides session learning answer in AsomeCode
  • · Pin library and module library for developing the functions you need
  • · Various activity play boards and play methods to boost the interest of coding learning

How did you
conduct coding training?

복잡한 준비물

Textbooks, writing tools, PC,
teaching tools and
parts boxes on a small desk!!


The only things you need for
AsomeIT coding training are
teaching tools and AsomeCode!
Convenient and simple coding training
with AsomeCode!

  • Download AsomeCode
    • Software for lessons, videos, and coding practice - All-in-One with AsomeCode
    • AsomeCode is a coding platform developed by AsomeIT. It allows you to access lesson plans, video lectures, and to practice coding.
      Connect an AsomeIT educational product to your computer to launch AsomeCode and start coding!

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  • Block Codingabout_cont01_point

    Experience easy coding
    without typing!

    The main purpose of coding training is to improve logic and creativity. Think about the order in which you need to assemble with the givenblocks to move the teaching tools as you want. Improve logical thinking ability while understanding the concepts and structure of algorithms!

    • Click the Block Coding Screen View in each session, align the block, and press the [Execute] button to move the teaching tool as coded!
  • Click to Playabout_cont02_point

    If you have any question,
    click and see how things work!

    The baby play book allows you to be intuitive and feel multiple experiences, such as the sound when pressing or when tapping. For coding beginners, AsomeCode is created to be equally intuitive and easy. Clicking the learning pages configured for each session in order allows easy understanding of the operating principles.

    • Connecting the teaching tools and PC with a USB cable and clicking the Connect button at the top of AsomeCode will automatically set the programming environment. Just focus on coding!
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  • Code Editerabout_cont03_point

    Modify and develop the
    program as you please!

    Once you understood the logical configuration of block coding, you can program using the editing window and hint function that provides the desired functions by using the actual coding program. Move your teaching tools according to the curriculum and use your creativity to add the features you want!

    • Clicking the source edit button located at the top of AsomeCode will pop up the editor window that you can use as a programming tool.

AsomeCode introduction Video